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Looking for the best remodeling or renovation contractor in town?
Or how about the best natural high quality stone, solid surface or stone laminate countertop contractor for your next big, important redesign project or major fix to some solid surfacing or tiling in your home, business, or office?

Gold Marble Granite & Cabinets, LLC (Gold MGC) has accumulated a highly-specialized, experienced, and more than well-trained staff of only top-credentialed remodeling professionals and renovation experts. Our dedicated team will ensure that your important residential home or commercial business is remodeled or renovated perfectly, on budget, on time, and according to established and respected industry-standard practices and procedures.

Our company is widely recognized in Greater Baltimore as the most trustworthy and credentialed residential and commercial remodeling and renovation contractor, at your service.  Why go anywhere else when you can find the most trendy, valuable, and affordable home and business remodeling materials here at your local Gold MGC?  Find the best materials in the industry for your remodeling projects at our showroom and workshop location in Baltimore!

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Providing Top Quality and Affordable Business & Home Improvement Remodeling Services In and Around Baltimore


  • Cabinet Distribution / Retail / Sales
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Quality and Affordable Popular Kitchen and Bath Vanity Cabinet Options

Gold Marble Granite & Cabinets, LLC is a dependable, credentialed Cabinet Contractor serving the Greater Baltimore area. You can trust us for all your cabinet needs and important cabinetry projects.


  • Countertop Installation
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Bathroom Countertops, Vanity Tops
  • Countertop Repair
  • (Retail and Wholesale) Countertops (slabs, edges) for Sale; Countertop Supply Store
  • Popular Countertop (Natural & Engineered) Stone and Stone Laminate Options

Gold Marble Granite & Cabinets, LLC is proud to be among the Best Countertop Contractors and Countertop Retailers and Suppliers in Greater Baltimore.

Backsplashes & Wall Tiles

  • Backsplash / Wall Tile Installation
  • Kitchen Wall Tiles & Backsplashes
  • Bathroom Wall Tiles & Backsplashes
  • Backsplash & Wall Tile Repair / Replacement
  • (Retail and Wholesale) Wall Tiles for Sale; Tile Supply Store
  • Popular Backsplash & Wall Tile Options

We are proud to be among the finest and most respected Wall Tile Contractors serving the Greater Baltimore area.

Tile & Hardwood Flooring

  • Flooring Installation, Tile Installation
  • Floor Repair, Tile Repair
  • (Retail and Wholesale) Flooring Supply & Tile Sales / Supply Store
  • Trendy Hardwood Floor and Floor & Wall Tile Options

Remodeling & Renovation

  • Interior Remodeling and Building Renovation
  • Home / House / Residential Remodeling & Renovation, Custom Home Remodeling
  • Commercial / Office / Business Remodeling & Renovation
  • Bathroom, Bathtub & Shower Remodeling & Renovation
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Basement Remodeling & Renovation
  • Room Renovation & Remodeling
  • Fireplace Remodel
  • Garage Remodel & Renovation
  • Home Improvement Remodeling
  • Construction Remodeling


  • Home & Commercial / Business Hardscaping Services
  • Hardscape Construction / Installation
  • Hardscape Repair / Replacement
  • Popular Hardscape Options


  • Commercial / Business and Home Drywalling Services
  • Drywall Construction and Installation
  • Drywall Repair (as part of a home remodeling package)

Painting (Interior/Exterior)

  • Commercial / Business Painting and Home / House / Residential Painting
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Wall, Room, and Drywall Painting
  • Apartment and Building Painting

Gold Marble Granite & Cabinets, LLC has hired some of Greater Baltimore’s finest, top-rated professional painters and painting contractors to more than satisfyingly service all your painting project needs.


We are a professional contractor committed and married to renovation projects. Our team consists of some of the best professionals in the Greater Baltimore area.

Creative Pre-Plannings

Effective & Efficient Teamwork

Consistent Quality Project Deliverables

From Our Local Warehouses and Showroom

Materials We Are Proud to Fabricate, Distribute, Install, Repair, Restore and Replace


Meet Baltimore’s best quality, trusted and credentialed granite fabricator, contractor and store outlet distributor

Do you need the best granite supplier, wholesaler or retailer in Baltimore?
Don’t just choose anyone.  Choose Baltimore’s preferred granite outlet and natural granite stone distributor for your important remodeling project!  From popular high-grade granite material and supplies, to slabs, custom, and faux granite, we’ve got it all!

Both marble and granite are highly elegant, posh, and modern materials.  Granite is tougher than many common stone options such as Formica, and it resists regular wear and tear.  Granite resists heat, and, because it is a very hard material, it resists scratches, e.g., from cutting on it with a knife. Gold Marble Granite & Cabinets, LLC specializes in the fabrication of both of these materials for countertops, flooring, backsplashes, business / office, outdoor and more.

See our incredible granite warehouse and service options below!

A trustworthy, certified granite company for

Professional Granite Installation
and Quality Repair

Some of our cost-effective granite service options include:

  • Granite kitchen and bathroom countertop installation
  • Granite kitchen top, sink and vanity top and installation
  • Granite slabs and top edging
  • Granite countertop and floor restoration
  • Granite resurfacing and refinishing
  • Granite replacement and repair

Granite Options & Products

  • Granite countertops
  • Granite kitchen countertops, tops and kitchen sinks
  • Granite bathroom countertops, vanity tops
  • Granite slabs and edges
  • Discount granite for sale
  • Granite sink tops
  • Retail and wholesale granite
  • Granite overlays
  • Granite remnants, scraps and samples
  • Granite blocks
  • Granite floor and wall tiles
  • Granite backsplashes
  • Granite kitchen islands
  • White, black, baltic brown, uba tuba, santa cecilia and blue pearl granite
  • Custom granite
  • Discount granite and granite tops for sale, faux granite and cheap granite (for any budget)
  • Granite hearth
  • Granite worktops
  • … and more!

Check out our amazing NEW EXOTIC GRANITE ARRIVALS below!

New Arrivals - Exotic Granite Countertop Options!

special exotic granite colors options - Baltimore MD


As Baltimore’s preferred natural marble contractor and store distributor, we provide the best quality and most cost-effective marble and natural stone options

Marble is an excellent choice as material to be used for any type of home or business tiling, countertop, or flooring project!  As a natural stone, marble is more resistant to scratching, cracking and breaking than most other stone materials.  In spite of its durability, marble is a softer material than granite, so one may incorporate appealing elements of design, e.g., fancy edges, during fabrication.
Are you seeking the best marble slabs and stone suppliers in Baltimore for your remodeling project?
Gold MGC is known as and has been rated #1 most reliable and cost-efficient quality marble and granite contractor, dealer and distributor of the Greater Baltimore area!

See below for our popular marble material, marbling supplies for sale and service options at our marble warehouse!

Trusted contractor for

Precision Marble Countertop
Installation, Repair & Restoration

Choose Gold MGC for your new, luxurious marbled home or business!

  • Marble kitchen and bathroom countertop installation
  • Marble fireplace installation
  • Marble slab and top edging
  • Cultured marble vanity tops installation
  • Marble sink top installation
  • Marble replacement, repair, resurfacing and refinishing

Marble Options & Products

  • Marble countertops
  • Marble kitchen countertops, worktops and kitchen sinks
  • Marble bathroom tile, countertops, vanity tops and shower
  • Marble flooring, marble floor tile
  • Marble table tops
  • Marble slabs and edges
  • Marble tiles for sale, wall tiles, mosaic tiles / marble mosaics
  • Marble thresholds
  • Marble backsplashes and tile backsplashes
  • Marble sinks
  • Marble fireplaces
  • Discount marble for sale
  • Retail and wholesale marble tiles
  • Quartz that looks like marble / marble like quartz
  • Calacatta marble
  • Carrara (often mispelled “Carrera”) marble countertops & backsplashes, Carrara marble bathroom & kitchen, different types of Carrara marble
  • Custom marble
  • Marble stones and blocks
  • Fake / faux marble countertops (for any budget)
  • Honed marble tile
  • … and more!

Quartz, Cambria, and Silestone

When it comes to beauty, it is difficult to top quartz stone for your home or business.  Quartz is another great option to use for tiling, countertop, or flooring work!  Quartz is a very durable material, and, being a hard, crystalline, non-porous material, quartz resists stains much better than granite, marble and concrete.

Gold MGC carries and services a wide array of quartz stone materials.  One of them is the popular Cambria brand.  Aside from its perfect design, Cambria quartz offers more than just appeal and produces very durable and strong engineered quartz surfaces.  It has even demonstrated to outperform granite and marble.  Furthermore, being a non-absorbent and non-porous material, Cambria quartz is maintenance-free and helps you maintain a healthy space.

Silestone, a durable, non-porous material made from natural quartz crystals, offers outstanding stain resistance and is a popular option for many reasons.  It works seamlessly for countertops as it is acid resistant too.  This material is actually made from the hardest mineral on the planet.

See below for a list of these great quartz materials and service options!

Premium Quality Quartz Countertop
Installation, Repair and Resurfacing

Quartz Options & Products

Ceramic Tiling

At Gold Marble Granite & Cabinets, LLC, we offer a wide array of beautiful ceramic tiles for you to choose from.  These tiles come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures, so you can have lots of fantastic designs to match your home or business, as well as your fine tastes.

Check down below for a list of amazing ceramic materials and servicing options!

Ceramic Options & Products

Visit our Flooring and Tiling page for an array of the most popular ceramic materials and service options!

Wood (Hardwood Flooring)

From popular hardwood flooring services to gorgeous residential and commercial wood flooring, Gold Marble Granite & Cabinets, LLC has it all, offering a large variety of professional, custom flooring options.

As a top-rated solid wood and hardwood flooring company, we offer the best wood and hardwood floors and the most cost-efficient flooring and hardwood floor estimate.  Our wood flooring services are top-notch and we handle only the best quality wood floors available on the market today!

Check out our popular residential and commercial remodeling wood materials and services below!

A Trusted Company for

Hardwood Flooring
Installation & Repair

Some of our outstanding wood servicing options include:

  • Hardwood floor installation (commercial and residential)
  • Hardwood floor finishes and refinishing for commercial business applications

Wood Options & Products

  • Fine wood and hardwood floors; stunning wood floors in kitchen and for bath
  • The best wood flooring for butcher block
  • Solid wood flooring
  • Bruce hardwood flooring
  • Engineered hardwood flooring
  • Cheap and discount wood flooring, hardwood flooring sale and wood flooring deals (for any budget)
  • Birch, bamboo, hickory, maple, Brazilian cherry, Mohawk, walnut, wide plank, oak, red oak, white oak and Shaw hardwood flooring
  • Linoleum, pine, natural, vinyl, Parquet, Bruce, teak, walnut, rustic, maple, cherry, white wood and real wood flooring
  • Hardwood plank flooring, wide plank wood flooring
  • Tigerwood flooring
  • Retail and wholesale hardwood flooring
  • Prefinished wood and hardwood, unfinished, reclaimed, distressed, hand scraped hardwood flooring
  • Dark wood and hardwood floors, hand scraped wood floors, floating wood floor
  • Wood tile (in general)
  • Wooden floor tiles
  • Wood look tiles / tiles that look like wood
  • Porcelain and ceramic wood tiles
  • Wood grain tiles
  • … and more!

Stone & Floor Laminate

Found today in lower and higher-end homes, stone laminate has become a popular choice across low- and high-budget remodel projects.  Laminate surfaces, slabs and sheets are a beautiful and more affordable choice and alternative to solid surfaces, natural stone, and tile.  Buy stone laminate flooring and countertops from a trusted source.

See below for the best stone laminate flooring and countertop service options in town, and get your classy, decorative laminate surface for your renovated kitchen, bath or basement today!

Laminate Surface Installation & Replacement

Top-Notch Laminate Flooring
and Countertop Installation

Our company provides only experienced natural and engineered laminate installation and replacement services that Baltimore can depend on. You’ve come to the right place for reliable laminate countertop and floor replacement, including resurfacing and reflooring services.  You can trust our credentialed contractors to professionally install or refinish your stone countertop or floor laminate surface in your home or business.

Stone & Floor Laminate Surface Options & Products

Other Popular Stone & Solid Surface Products We Deal With

Other trendy and cost-effective materials Gold MGC is happy to manufacture, distribute and service for your dream remodel and renovation projects:

  • Soapstone
  • Caesarstone
  • Limestone
  • Onyx
  • Zodiac

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You have found the best, highest credentialed and rated, most experienced natural stone distributors in Baltimore! You’ve found Gold Marble Granite & Cabinets, LLC.
When you choose a natural stone store or remodeling contractor and company, choose quality, classy, reliable, and cost-effective. Choose Gold MGC.

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